Meco Electrical is an emerging electrical contracting company which is 100% Black Woman Owned (BWO). Meco is a company of self-motivated individuals who are passionate about serving the electrical needs of all their clients. At Meco, we pride ourselves in offering an efficient eco energy service. This means that we are at the forefront of sustainable and renewable electrical sources and products. We aim to provide clients with a service that assists them with improving overall usage and cost of electricity. Meco offers an assessment to clients which highlight the effect of electrical consumables on the cost of electricity to them. This equips the client with the knowledge and tools to cut costs as well as improve their eco footprint. Meco is a driving force in the Electrical Contracting Industry as it seeks to promote awareness in renewable and sustainable electricity.

Meco Electrical has adopted a high-end approach to service delivery and excellence. Our services are carried out by a team of skilled, talented and efficient professionals. We specialize in Electrical installations, repairs and maintenance. Meco Electrical’s success to date has been characterized by our ingenuity, integrity and technical ability. We ensure that each client derives maximum benefit from our services, solutions and practices. As a specialist electrical company we maintain accountability and responsibility of each project from inception to completion.

Meco is a Durban based company that seeks to service the needs of clients and potential clients from Kwa – Zulu Natal. However, we are not limited to this province.



Is service driven, in offering a highly skilled technical service to ensure client satisfaction and reduced electrical energy consumption
without compromising innovation.



Meco Electrical aims to:

* Provide an innovative, efficient, eco- friendly service that encourages the use of renewable
and sustainable energy sources and products.

* Put our client’s needs at the centre of our service delivery by maintaining skills excellence and
effective electrical solutions, products and services.

* Place skill development and technical capability of employees at the top of our list as we strive
to offer distinct value in the Electrical Contracting arena.

* Project a company that is willing to make inroads in Educating clients on improving their eco
footprint while saving them on the cost of electricity



To grow Meco Electrical into a formidable contracting company which seeks not only
to be successful but more importantly to be significant